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Data-Frame and the Environment

data frame

Data-Frame are a leading provider of data storage and recovery for businesses and organisations across the UK.

We understand the necessity of reducing the effects of our activities upon the environment. The importance of identifying our impacts and managing them successfully not only contributes to our operational efficiency and business prosperity, but to the welfare of the surrounding environment both today and in the future.

Our impacts on the environment have been identified as:

  • Energy use
  • Use of resources
  • Waste management

To ensure we reduce our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance, we have set the following policy aims:

  • Ensure our processes meet all legislative requirements
  • Ensure our business is energy efficient and continue to review our procurement policies to reflect this
  • Incorporate ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ philosophy to minimise waste streams
  • Work with our customers and suppliers to ensure that packaging is kept to a minimum
  • Take responsibility to prevent contamination or pollution of the surrounding environment
  • Continually promote sound environmental practice, raising awareness of our environmental activities and encouraging others to follow suit


At Data-Frame, we recognise that in order to achieve our environmental aims, we require the commitment of our staff, suppliers and customers. Our Environmental Policy is incorporated into our daily activities to do with data backup, destruction, recovery and business continuity.