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Why do I need to backup my data?

Well, firstly, 20GB of data is estimated to be worth on average £60,000 to a business. Then there’s the law. The Data Protection Act 1998 states that you MUST protect your data, and that of your clients, from loss and unauthorised disclosure

What are the benefits of automatic online backup?

No tapes to change, take home or store in safes. Easy to read reports and help at the end of a telephone. No expensive hardware to maintain (we do all of that) and no tapes to panic buy!

What does your service cost?

From £7.00 per month (+VAT). Please see our pricing for details.

Will I be tied in to a long contract?

Our contracts are a year in length

What if I need help out of normal office hours?

This is available dependant on service level; however in the event of a total emergency, we are always here to help.

What will I have to do at my end?

It is important that you identify all of the data to backup. We can only cover what we are told to do. We are always pleased to chat to your IT representative in order to ensure that all is done properly

Can you help me plan my data protection strategy to make sure it is as efficient as possible?

Yes. There are so many options its best to call us.

Can you help with both PC and Mac?

Almost certainly yes. Data-Frame is virtually platform independent and will work on the following:

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS 10.2 and above, Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Novell

What about backup for servers?

We specialise in this.

Which databases can you backup?

All desktop databases such as ACT, Access etc: as well as Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server

Can I use my computers while it is running?


Why is IT Disaster Recovery provision important?

Think “What If”… How unshakable is your customer loyalty if you cannot supply what you promise, whether because of flood, power, key staff injury or long time health issues?

Can you help with business continuity?

Yes… remember its not all about PCs…

How do I know that my data will be secure?

We own and maintain our servers and only use the highest specification devices. All data is encrypted by default and is stored at trusted locations in the UK.

How do I know that I can rely on Data-Frame over time?

We have over 5 years trading experience supplying off-site data backup and have shown continual gradual growth during that time. We are proud to be able to state that we have never lost a client due to poor service.

So what is different about the Data-Frame service?

Simply, we specialise in what we do. Data-Frame is not a bolt-on for an ISP in order to use spare capacity to generate extra revenue. We know how important having a reliable backup solution is in the case of a real issue.

Is it safe?

Yes, we use ‘enterprise’ hardware and software solutions in every step of the process.

Is my data safe on the internet?

Yes, we use ‘enterprise’ hardware and software solutions in every step of the process.

How does it work?

Technical details are available from our knowledge base. It is automatic, secure and well proven.

Why are you different?

We aim to be partners in data security, not just an internet black hole where email contact is possible. You can simply call us, where someone will answer your query, or take ownership of it until we can satisfactorily answer it.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

We store data in accordance with the 1998 data protection Act, and use the safest storage software. Your data will pass 3 firewalls, 2 antivirus engines, and be stored as safely as is currently possible.

How long does it take to setup?

An IT professional can set up a PC in under 15 minutes. The process is easy for anyone to do, we will be available to help, and if allowed access to your system, we can install it for you remotely.

How do you store it?

All customer data is stored on two mirrored SANs (Storage area networks) at two different sites within the UK. This means your data is 100% covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

How can I find out more?

By calling 08452 668 997, emailing or by browsing our web-site.

Can it work on a laptop?

Yes, but the computer needs to be on for it to work!

Can you read my data?

Under normal circumstances, No. We are more interested in storing all of your data securely, than its content. We will only access a file if you EXPLICITLY request us to and give us the relevant passphrases.

How do we contact you if we have a problem?

Full details are supplied both on the web-site and embedded into the client software.

What if our level of usage changes?

Simply contact us and we will discuss your requirements.

Why do I need it, I’ve not had a problem so far?

Because 43% of businesses who do not store their data safely, cease to trade after a major data loss, and the costs of even a minor data loss can easily run into thousands!

How can I get my data back if I cannot access the internet?

We can arrange return on CD, DVD, or a portable hard drive. Or whatever means is best.

Is it high maintenance for us?

No, the system is fully automated but in the event of a problem, we will be available to help

Is it expensive?

When compared with the costs of supplying your own hardware and tapes, the possible insurance benefit and your time and peace of mind… definitely not… In fact it will probably save you in excess of £1000.00 per annum in real terms.

What range of services do you offer?

Our services are tailored to each individual need, so we are confident we can create the ideal solution for any business.

What if I accidentally delete a file?

Restore is easily achieved by using the program installed on your system

What is Data-Frame Backup software?

Data-Frame Backup Software is a Java based program which offers both the best in security as well as the most powerful compression algorithms to protect your data.

Unlike some other backup software< Data-Frame Backup Software is capable of performing ‘Brick Level’ Microsoft Exchange backups so that in the event of a system failure, the restoration of data is as quick as possible.

Can I use my computers while it is running?


How to identify how much data needs backing up?

Most computers store data in my documents, and in email accounts.

Standalone PCs, Macs etc: will have defined areas in regular use (see the examples below) and networked systems will have ‘shared’ areas defined by the system administrator or by your IT support supplier.


My Documents: (PC)

Click Start > My Documents Click.

Click Ctrl+a Right Click on a highlighted item Properties

This will give the details of the area in size, number of files and folders.


Microsoft Outlook: (PC)

Open Outlook

Click Personal Folders Right Click Properties

Click Folder size button

Data is Total Size (Including Sub-folders)


Documents: (MAC)

Click Computer Name > / > Users > Work


Microsoft Outlook: (MAC)

Open Outlook

Select the folder.

Choose File > Folder >| Folder Size.


For Servers, Exchange and database data sizes, please contact your system administrator.

Should you need further advice, please call us on 08452 668 997.