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Data destruction


Any information left on your old PCs could leave you exposed to the risk of fraud as well as the risk of sensitive data reaching your competitors.

At Data-Frame, we have experience in data destruction for government and military organisations, so you can be sure that all our data destruction is carried out to the highest standards.

Did you know that deleting your hard drive does not always mean that the data’s gone?

Secure destruction of the whole data storage medium is the safest way of data destruction as even one small file may contain large amounts of data. Hard drives may then be safely recycled, protecting the environment.

As well as offering data backup, destruction and business continuity, at Data-Frame, we guarantee that data destruction is 100% so you can have complete peace of mind.

As well as hard drive data destruction, we can help with data destruction for CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray, as well as on site shredding.

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