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IT planning


Business continuity is only one of many elements you need to consider, as you look to protect and grow your business.

With the internet becoming more and more important to businesses, IT planning is a critical part of your business plan.

Faster broadband speeds are opening up more opportunities, transforming the way businesses operate.

For example, have you considered whether you can use your website to reach out to customers in new ways, making more use of video, social media and online sales, or making use of cloud computing to access new services and applications?

Or whether your business could improve productivity by working more flexibly, perhaps using a virtual private network so that employees can work effectively from home or remote locations, saving office and travel costs and increasing productivity?

Or have you considered making more use of video conferencing, so that you can reduce travel to meetings, freeing up valuable time and saving your business money?

IT planning should include looking at how you are going to use IT right across your business, to help it grow. At Data-Frame, we can help you make sure that your IT planning looks at IT business continuity within a strategic framework, taking all aspects of IT planning into account.