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Case Study: PFA Research


PFA Research is a well established research company with national and international clients, including many local authority and government organisations.

The security of their data is therefore of paramount importance.

Managing Director Robert Rush says: “Data and its interpretation is our trade. We cannot afford to have anything but the most professional and foolproof data backup systems in place.”

PFA Research have used the fully managed online data backup service through Data-Frame since 2007.

Robert says; “We used to back up in house using a tape drive in our server. This was time consuming and meant that we really needed an in-house IT expert who could oversee the operations. In house back up on tapes opened us to a number of risks, but the single largest one was the risk of human error. There can sometimes be eight or nine versions of a file and the chances of deleting the wrong one in error is very high.

“We have had a number of occasions when the tapes were simply mislaid by the person in charge at the time I recall a tape was once left in a glove compartment of a car and on another occasion, we were horrified to find a tape lying in the car park. This kind of human error is clearly completely unacceptable. If we were to lose our data, we could be out of business.

“Using Data-Frame has given us peace of mind as we now know that all our data is completely secure and can be recovered promptly should the need arise.

“The Data-Frame service is 100% professional – it is encrypted, mirrored – the full works!

Online backup is easy to do and there is a reassurance in knowing that the data is stored off site, should there ever be a fire or anything similar which meant we could not access our offices for some reason or other.

“Our online automatic back up takes place six nights a week at 3am. Incidentally, originally we set it up for 1am but believe it or not, I am sometimes still working then, so we changed it to 3am!

“We are so pleased with the high level of service provided by Data-Frame that we refer to it in our proposals to clients, as we feel that the fact that we provide this level of professional data security adds value to our own service.

“One element of the Data-Frame service we particularly value is the fact that with Data-Frame, you deal with your own account manager who gets to know you and your business. Whereas some online backup providers are automated and anonymous, with Data—Frame, the service is very personal and they will go the extra mile for you. For example, when we had a problem early on regarding configuring our software, they jumped in the car and came to see us on site so the problem was sorted out almost straightaway.

Robert concludes: “For us, having Data-Frame as partners has given us invaluable peace of mind and helped us ensure that we can offer a professional service of the highest quality in all regards.”