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Case study: Indian Queens Power Ltd


Indian Queens Power Ltd is a small power station, which is a subsidiary of International Power, based in London.

The power station in St Dennis in Cornwall is providing peaking and voltage support to the National Grid.

Indian Queens Power Ltd has been using the fully managed data backup service from Data-Frame since January 2008.

Manager Vic Danks says: “Our operation is dependent on having constant access to the files on our computer network. The files hold critical financial and technical data which is critical to the business.

“Our emails are a crucial record as well, of course.

“We take safeguarding our business continuity very seriously indeed.

“Although we use backup software in- house which stores all versions of every file generated, we needed an additional layer of security, in case the worst happens and we were unable to access the premises or our PCs, due to some unforeseen disaster such as fire.

“Now, the final version of each file is uploaded to Data-Frame and we know that we have two levels of security.

“Prior to working with Data-Frame, we used to back up our data regularly on remote hard disks and upload them ourselves to a PC in a different location. Now that we use Data-Frame, we are able to save the time and hassle involved in this, allowing us to focus on more productive issues related to running the business.

“We selected Data-Frame following an extensive tender process and we have been really pleased with every aspect of the service. The whole process is completely seamless and works like clockwork. The files are uploaded automatically to Data-Frame three times a day.

“International Power has stringent requirements as part of its risk assessment procedures and we are mandated to adhere to these. To comply with this, we have carried out a business recovery test recently, based on a hypothetical disaster such as a fire whereby we could not access our offices.

“The business recovery test involved our collecting a DVD from Data-Frame and taking it home, where I uploaded the data onto my own notebook. Within an hour, all the latest office files were safely installed on my notebook. This exercise proved that in the event of a disaster, we could be up and running again with all the data from the previous day within a very short time frame. This gives us (and our parent company) a high level of security and confidence.

We find that using Data-Frame as the final repository for our data provides us with an excellent service and the professional level of data security we need.”