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Computers will eventually break down…

data frame

6% do every year. 

Ensuring that your systems are backed up is often the last thing on a small businesses mind, but with financial figures, competitor information and customer data all resting on PCs, YouGov, estimate 40 per cent of SMEs would suffer severe impairment to business operations in the case of a system failure.

70 percent of companies go out of business after a major data loss (Source, UK DTI)

Owners of SME’s often underestimate how long it can take to get their business to get back to normal and continue trading. It is reckoned 33% of SME owners would be back on their feet within a week, whilst 31% believed within a month.

Only 19% of businesses have full continuity plans, and these figures seem to leave many SME’s exposed and their businesses at great risk.

By carefully planning data backup and business continuity requirements, companies can ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Could your business cope with being out of action for a week, let alone a month? With no plan in place you run the risk of losing profit, customers, reputation and credibility.

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