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10 reasons to remotely back up

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If your company permanently lost all data, it would have a 60 per cent chance of going under. On average, it takes 21 days and £12,000 to recreate just 20MB of lost data!

What is remote data back up?

It’s essentially an insurance policy for your company’s day-to-day and organisational information. We all hate insurance, but…

You have a 1 in 25 chance of having your laptop stolen, broken or destroyed, every year.

Is the data encrypted?  Is it backed up? 50 per cent of critical corporate data is stored unprotected on desktops and laptops.

The cost and time to recover a typical SME’s data.

One Megabyte (MB) is about 500 pages of text. With this in mind, consider the costs:
19 days and £10,700 to recreate just 20 MB of lost sales data
21 days and £12,000 to recreate just 20 MB of lost general data
42 days and £61,000 to recreate just 20 MB of lost engineering data

10 years later and 500 times larger…

Did you know your computer stores 500 times more data compared to 10 years ago? This increased capacity amplifies the impact, time and cost of data loss.

Only 34 per cent of companies actually test their tape backup.

Of the 34 per cent of companies that test their tape backup, 45 per cent find failures in recovering data. 60 per cent of SMEs collapse after losing their data.

Only one third of companies have a disaster recovery plan.

For an SME, a disaster isn’t just a flood or severe event, What if a key member of staff has a long term illness???

Tape backup went out with Windows 98.

It’s widely agreed to be unreliable, prone to failure and not secure. Yet it’s still used by many, who waste time and money changing, replacing, loading, transporting 120 year old technology, and relying on that little light flashing for warning of an error…

66 per cent of small businesses are worried about their disaster recovery plan.

The 66 per cent of small businesses that have a disaster recovery plan and data backup are worried that it has significant vulnerabilities. The concerns include equipment reliability, security of data, and staff.

22 per cent of computer users would like to back up their data.

22 per cent of computer users would like to backup their data and won’t get around to it. With over 17years experience in writing disaster recovery plans for our clients, we know the best time to back up your data will always be now.

Nearly half of SMEs ‘simply don’t have the time’.

With an automatic offsite solution, you don’t need to..

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