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Sticky tape Solutions Still in Demand

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Even though a unit can cost £3500.00 over 3 years, plus time & media costs; tape storage is still a key part of  IT Business Strategy and is used widely by most UK businesses according to a survey published today by Overland Storage.

The key finding from the survey of 1000 UK businesses conducted by Vanson Bourne , was that the vast majority (83%) still use tape storage systems to back up and protect their business data.

Even with the adoption of disk-based storage solutions over the past decade, tape clearly remains widely used as a key part of most organisations’ data management and protection strategies:

  • The most common use case for tape storage is off-site backup (70%), a large proportion (61%) continues to rely on tape for on-site backups
  • 43% cited archiving as the third most popular use case, while over a third (34%) have turned to tape based solutions to ensure compliance with data retention regulations
  • A large segment of respondents (28%) still utilise tape for near-line storage

All this even though it has been proven that 47% of tape restores fail…

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